Become A Director And
A Co-Owner Of
Easzi Ecommerce
Website And Mobile App
Projected To Generate
$150 Million
Every Year And Share In
The Profit Yearly For Life

Why Equity
Investment Is
Better Than
Any Other
Investment Plan

You become A LEGAL CO-OWNER of the company AND YOU SHARE YEARLY IN THE TOTAL PROFIT of the company FOR LIFE.

You can become A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE or MULTI-BILLIONAIRE through Equity Investment BECAUSE YOUR EARNINGS INCREASES as the company makes more money.

But WHEN YOU ARE NOT an Equity Investor, WHAT YOU EARN DOES NOT INCREASE when the company makes more money.

Through Equity Investment, YOU, your children AND YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN can earn FOR LIFE, from the company.

Equity Investment is a GENERATIONAL ASSET: This means you can PASS ON your Ownership of the company to your Children AND YOUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN and they can keep earning from the company FOR LIFE.

How It Works,
And How Much
You Can Earn

Equity Investors share in the total profit of the company. Easzi has over 1 Billion shares and is projected to generate $150 Million (US Dollar) yearly.

If you invest ₦1.5 Million you will own 0.01% of the company and have 100,000 Shares in the company. But you don’t become a Director.

If you invest ₦15 Million you will own 0.1% of the company and have 150,000 Shares in the company and you also become a Director.

Investors who invest ₦15 Million or above become Directors and enjoy Director Bonuses.

This is how it works.

All investors share yearly 30% of the total profit of the company for life, based on the number of shares each investor have.

In addition,

Directors share additional 10% of the total profit of the company for life, based on the number of shares each director have.

However, only 10 Director slots are available.

Imagine only 10 persons sharing additional 10% of the total profit of the company yearly, and you can be one of them. Don’t miss this opportunity.

A Moratorium Period of 1 year (the first year) is obligatory.

Why You
In Easzi Now

Easzi Website and Mobile App is an online Marketplace that connects sellers to buyers within and outside their location and provide payment security for their business transactions.

Technology businesses is one of the best businesses to own and invest in. Even during COVID 19 pandemic, many technologies businesses made lots of money.

Easzi is projected to generate ₦300 Billion yearly and operate in 4 African Countries.

These are some of the problems we solve. Read this carefully.

If you are seriously stranded in a location that you are not used to and you need a Mechanic, or an AC Repairer, or a Home School Teacher, or a Seller of a particular product or service within your location, can you easily find one?

In many cases, your answer may be no. But the good news is that through Easzi website and Mobile App, that is one of the problems, we solve.

Easzi also helps sellers get more sales in their business.

Easzi helps sellers get more traffic and sales in their business through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

On easzi, you can sell and buy physical products, services and digital products.

Also, if you need delivery agents that use a bike, a car, a truck, or a van etc. within and outside your location, you will be able to find them on easzi.

One problem many buyers and sellers of physical products face, is difficulty in finding the type of delivery agent they need.

For example, if you need a delivery agent right now that uses a truck and not a car or a bike, can you easily find one within and outside your location? In many cases, the answer is no. But the good news is Easzi, also solves that problem and lots more.

To practically highlight how amazing our technology platform is and how much it can generate, note that in principle, Easzi Website and Mobile App is a combination or blend of Jumia, Upwork, Piggyvest or Kuda Bank, Uber, Gokada, an amazing healthcare solution and an Escrow and Double-Secured payment system.

This means that instead of using many different apps on your phone, Easzi is one app that can do part of what the above apps do and lots more.

Easzi website and app is projected to generate ₦300 Billion yearly and operate in 4 African countries.

For a limited time, Easzi is open to private Equity Investment and is a subsidiary of Africa Development Crowdfund Limited.

How To Become
A Co-Owner And
Director Of Easzi


Create an Account On ADC Website

Account creation IS FREE.


Once you create an account, login.

Click On Choose A Task

After you Login to your account.

Click on Choose A Task.

Choose Become A Co-Owner Of Easzi

Fill the form and follow the instruction.

When you invest, you will receive a Private Placement Memorandum and Share Sale Agreement 

It’s simple. Act Now.


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