With ₦1.5 Million
You Can Earn
Profits In Dollars
For 12 Months

Why We Are Doing This

Consider the ALARMING rise in the exchange rate of Dollars to Naira and the economic situation of Nigeria, it is a wise decision FOR YOU to earn in Dollars, not only in Naira.

But can you do it yourself?

The truth is, if you don’t start earning Dollars MONTHLY and as soon as possible, the rise in the cost of things in Nigeria, may soon make your Naira lose its value.

In 2021, a tuber of yam in Lagos Nigeria was about ₦500 to ₦1,000 but in 2022 a tuber of yam is about ₦3,500 to ₦4,000. A liter of Diesel in Nigeria was between ₦200 to ₦320 in 2021, but in 2022 it is about ₦750.

If things continue like this and if you only earn in Naira, how can you survive?

The way out is START EARNING in Dollars as soon as possible. Let’s help you.


This Is Only

With ₦1,500,000 (or $2,000) Capital, this is the profit you can earn IN DOLLARS monthly for 12 months. You earn back your capital along with your 12th Month profit.




1st Month Profit

You Earn $80 Profit

You Earn $400 Profit

2nd Month Profit

You Earn $88 Profit

You Earn $600 Profit

3rd Month Profit

You Earn $96 Profit

You Earn $900 Profit

4th Month Profit

You Earn $106 Profit

You Earn $1,300 Profit

5th Month Profit

You Earn $117 Profit

You Earn $2,000 Profit

6th Month Profit

You Earn $128 Profit

You Earn $3,000 Profit

7th Month Profit

You Earn $141 Profit

You Earn $4,500 Profit

8th Month Profit

You Earn $155 Profit

You Earn $6,800 Profit

9th Month Profit

You Earn $171 Profit

You Earn $10,250 Profit

10th Month Profit

You Earn $188 Profit

You Earn $15,300 Profit

11th Month Profit

You Earn $207 Profit

You Earn $23,000 Profit

12th Month

You Earn $228 Profit

You Earn $34,500 Profit


Total Profit Plus Capital $3,705 (Dollars)

Total Profit Plus Capital $104,550 (Dollars)

How It Works

It is so amazing.

Through ADC Cooperative, we do FOR YOU what banks do with your money, and we share with you MONTHLY IN DOLLARS, 20% OF THE PROFITS we make.

Do you know banks make money Daily with your money? But banks won’t share up to 1% OF THEIR PROFITS with you and banks won’t pay you in Dollars.

We can help you CONVERT your Naira to Dollars, and grow your money Daily in Dollars, and we pay you profits in Dollars MONTHLY for 12 months.

To make it simple, you register in Naira and we help you grow your money in Dollars by 1% to 5% Daily, 20 days a month or by 20% to 100% profit a month, AND PAY YOU IN DOLLARS 20% of the profit. IT IS VERY PRACTICAL. We only need to make 1% to 5% profit a day. To make 1% profit a day is VERY SIMPLE.

When you add your capital and profits together, ₦1,500,000 (or $2,000) can give you a total of $3,705 (Dollars) IN A WORST-CASE SITUATION or $104,550 (Dollars) IN AN AVERAGE-CASE SITUATION.

$104,550 is a total of more than ₦50 Million profit FOR YOU. How?

₦1,500,000 (or $2,000) capital can give you that amount BECAUSE WE ADD BACK to your capital, 50% of the profits monthly, SO THAT by the next month, YOU CAN EARN A HIGHER profit in Dollars THAN THE previous month.  It is called COMPOUND interest. It means YOUR PROFIT payment can INCREASE monthly.

Also, we will teach you how to convert your profit from Dollars to Naira every month from the comfort of your home, and it will be paid directly into your Naira bank account at black market exchange rate.

That means if the Dollar exchange rate becomes $1 to ₦1,000, you can convert your Dollar Profits at $1 to ₦1,000, and make more money.

Only 40 slots are available. Act Now.

 How To Get Started

Create an Account On ADC Website

Account creation IS FREE.


Once you create an account, login.

Click On Choose A Task

After you Login to your account.

Click on Choose A Task.

Choose Monthly Income Program

Fill the form and follow the instruction.

When you make your payment, you will receive an MOU/Contract. 

It’s simple. Act Now.


Profit payment is in Dollars. We will teach you how from the comfort of your home, you can convert your profits in Dollars to Naira, higher than Bank exchange rates, and it can also be paid in Naira directly to your Naira bank account. It’s simple.

Profit payment is monthly and starts from the 3rd month for 12 months and you will be paid back your capital along with your 12th month profit payment.

You have to register as an ADC Cooperative member to be a part of this program. Membership costs a ONETIME fee of ₦10,000.

If you don’t have an existing account on this website, first create an account. IT IS FREE. After you create an account, login. When logged in, click on Become an ADC Cooperative Member. Fill the form, pay the onetime fee of ₦10,000, upload your proof of payment and submit.

To earn in Dollars monthly, login to your account and click on Choose a Task.

Select Monthly Profit Income Program. Fill the form, make the necessary payment. Upload your proof of payment and submit. It is simple.

We can help you grow your money IN DOLLARS by 1% to 5% Profit Daily, 20 days in a month or by 20% to 100% Profit a month. IT IS VERY PRACTICAL.

We will do the work for you and share with you, 20% of the profit we make. We take 30% of the profit and we add back 50% of the profit to the capital, SO THAT by the next month, you can earn a higher profit. If we make MORE THAN 20% to 100% profit in a month (THIS IS VERY VERY POSSIBLE), you will earn MORE MONEY that month.

At registration, we accept a fixed exchange rate of $1 to ₦750. This means the Dollar equivalent of ₦1, 500,000 is equal to $2,000.

But after registration, if the exchange rate of $1 increases to ₦1,000 you can withdraw your Dollars Profit at $1 to ₦1,000. Whatever the exchange rate increase or reduce to, you will be able to withdraw your Dollars Profit at the current exchange rate. The fact is, the exchange rate is more likely to increase than to reduce, so you are more likely to withdraw your Dollars to Naira at a higher exchange rate, than at a lower exchange rate.

₦1,500,000 (or $2,000) is for only one slot. You can have or pay for more than one slot. 2 Slots is equal to ₦3 Million (or $4,000).

Only 40 slots are available and will close soon. Act Now.

Let’s help you make money in Dollars and pay you in Dollars.



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Through ADC Cooperative our goal is to help you earn passive income.

Create an account today.



  1. First create an account on this website. Account creation is free.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on Become an ADC Cooperative Member and follow the instructions. It's simple.
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