Become A Director And
Own 0.01% To 30%
Of Our Ecommerce
Website And Mobile App
Projected To Generate
$150 Million Yearly And
Share In The Profit For Life

What We Do

Africa Development Crowdfund Limited (ADC) is a Technology, Private Equity Funding and Business Development Company with company registration number RC 1578083.

We create, own and manage MULTI-MILLION and MULTI-BILLION naira businesses, that help our members EARN GENENERATIONAL WEALTH FOR LIFE, through Private Equity Investment.

Our vision is to be one of the foremost organisations in Africa, championing the development of Africa and making better the lives of Africans and TO CONTINUE AS a growing and strong organization IN 100 YEARS and above.

You can be part of Africa Development Crowdfund Limited by becoming a member and Private Equity Investor today.

You Can Become
A Director
And Co-Owner
Of Easzi And Earn
Director Benefits

Easzi has over 1 Billion shares and you can own part of it.

Minimum Private Equity Investment

₦1.5 Million = 100,000 Shares and 0.01% Company Ownership

Minimum Director Private Equity Investment

₦15 Million = 1,000,000 Shares and 0.1% Company Ownership and a Director.

Projected Business Revenue

₦300 Million Yearly

Revenue Sharing Formula

30% of The Total Profit Of The Company is Shared Among Equity Investors Every Year And Directors Share Additional 10% Of The Total Profit Of The Company Every Year

Moratorium Period

1 Year (the first year)

When you invest, you will receive a Private Placement Memorandum and Share Sale Agreement/Contract


+2348108531855 OR +2349033369339

Monday - Friday:
Between 9am to 5pm WAT



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