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We Go To Mile 12 Market
For You For ₦1,000
Per Trip For 6 Months

If you become a VIP Member, we will help you buy food items VERY CHEAP from Mile 12 Market for only ₦1,000 per trip for 6 months for food items below ₦60,000.

Currently, none VIP Members pay ₦2,500 PER TRIP but if you become a VIP Member, you will pay ₦1,000 per trip FOR 6 MONTHS.

This means that as a VIP member, the total money you will pay to buy food items from Mile 12 Market, WILL BE FAR CHEAPER THAN the amount None VIP Members pay.

And that’s not all.

6 Months Food Subscription
And Free Delivery
Within Lagos For 6 Months

Food subscription is compulsory for VIP Members. This helps you plan your food budget weekly or monthly. The minimum food subscription amount is ₦10,000 PER MONTH.

This means that if you decide to spend ₦10,000 on food per month, you will need to pay ₦60,000 for your 6 months food subscription. You don’t pay the money monthly, you pay the ₦60,000 once.

The only thing you do next is send us your Market List weekly or monthly and you get your products at your doorstep AND FREE delivery  FOR 6 MONTHS.

EVEN if you go to  Mile 12 Market yourself, you pay delivery fee separately.

But if you become a VIP Member, you’ll enjoy FREE Delivery within Lagos for 6 months for food items below ₦60,000. See more benefits.

This Is Why
Really Need Us

IF YOU GO YOURSELF to Mile 12 Market, this does not guarantee that you will buy food items very cheap? Because there are Sellers who go to Mile 12 Market to buy from the major Suppliers and resell to you in Mile 12 Market. This is why you need us.

We buy Food Items IN BULK at wholesale prices from major suppliers. Also, we don’t add money to the food items we buy for you

This means that you will get food items very cheap and the quantity you get will be far more than the quantity you get anywhere else plus ZERO MARKET STRESS. Register now.

How to Become
A VIP Member

Create an Account

Registration is free.


After you create a membership account, login.

Become A VIP Member

This cost only ₦6,000 for 6 months (that is ₦1,000 per month).

It’s simple.

After you log into your account, click on Become a VIP Member and follow the instruction.


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